Tulips in Vase

painting of tulips in a glass vase

This originally came from a photo by a class member. She took the photo from a vantage point over the flowers and vase. I decided to reimagine the view from straight on at the top of the vase.

The write-up is over on my Notion space.

Pink Flowers: Wet in Wet, and Inked



We practiced two new techniques with this painting:

  1. soaking paper, and applying gooey paint
  2. using a brush pen to ink the outlines when dry

This was huge fun, and I think I’ve found a style I really like doing. The painting is extremely fast, and the inking is fun after the painting and paper are completely dry. The tough part is it takes a long time for the paper to completely dry, even when helped along with a hair dryer.

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“Peonies on the table” after Gregory Packard

Final, signed and cropped

This past week, I attended the painting class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, starting and finishing a copy of Gregory Packard‘s painting “Peonies on the table” (listing page).

This was a very fun painting to do; it reminded us very much of a Monet for its impressionistic qualities. As we were working in watercolour, the adages “work fast and loose”, “don’t think, paint”, and “get in and get out” were our guides.

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