Sunflowers and Barn

Completed, signed, cropped

This painting was begun near the beginning of September 2019, and took quite a while to complete because of missed classes and so on. It’s a relief to finally get it done. I’m rather pleased by how it turned out.

Barn on the Hill


Introduction Our teacher handed this source image, which is of a painting, as an assignment. I don’t know the artist of the source, so I can’t credit it. This provided us a lot of stuff to work on: the clouds the stone wall of the barn facing us the stones and stump in the foreground

New Mini-Palette

Intro Having a nice collection of watercolour tube paints is a welcome addition to the sketching field kit. I got a new Meeden mini-palette and filled with some of the my fav midwest and west-coast paints.

Green Vase with Peonies


Intro Following swiftly on the heals of the previous painting, I did another. The wet-in-wet version took about 15 mintues to paint, about a half hour to dry with considerable coaxing from a hair dryer, then about 5 minutes to ink. After than I decided to go back to a wet on dry technique, as… Continue reading Green Vase with Peonies

Pink Flowers: Wet in Wet, and Inked


Intro We practiced two new techniques with this painting: soaking paper, and applying gooey paint using a brush pen to ink the outlines when dry This was huge fun, and I think I’ve found a style I really like doing. The painting is extremely fast, and the inking is fun after the painting and paper… Continue reading Pink Flowers: Wet in Wet, and Inked