China Canal

I just watched a class on Skill Share by Liz Kohler Brown called “Urban Watercolor Sketching on your iPad”. This was a very short, but really packed class on using some of the author’s custom watercolour procreate brushes to create a class urban watercolour sketch. I haven’t made art for a while, so this was quite helpful and enjoyable.

In the class, Ms Brown teaches how to set up for making a watercolour sketch. I created a template for this part, so next time I can copy the template and go.

I learned so many digital painting techniques from this:

  • making a layer Mutliply and then duplicating that layer once painted on to really enhance and make colours intense
  • using watercolour brushes on procreate
  • using a texture image to give the look of watercolour paper

Ink Layer

This is the ink layer, which is a rough trace of a photograph.

ink layer
Digital painting with procreate, ink layer

I did this using the technical pen on its smallest setting, and then ran over some of the lines with the studio pen on its smallest setting. I think I could do better here. And yet I did capture the lines pretty well.

Water layer

The water layer is next

water layer of sketch
Digital painting with procreate, water layer

I used a broad wash brush, putting in a some grey, then a little bit more blue. Using another brush, I erased some of the paint. Then I duplicated and merged the layers.

I’m going to come back to this.


building layer
Digital painting with procreate, building layer

For the buildings on either side, I used a greyish-yellow cement colour with some variations. The windows/shutters are a reddish brown, the roofs are mainly a slate grey.


The next layer is the trees and vegetation.

tree layer
Digital painting with procreate, tree layer

Using various shades of green I put in the trees and vegetation.


The line of laundry in the lower right was kind of an important feature; I made these bright.

laundry layer
Digital painting with procreate, laundry layer


Final layer is the sky

sky layer
Digital painting with procreate, sky layer

Returning to the water

I wasn’t pleased with the water, so I did a bit more work on it

water layer, redux
Digital painting with procreate, water layer, redux

This looks a lot better


Final, signed image

final signed painting
Digital painting with procreate, final, signed painting