Random Procreate painting (jumbo space prawn)

Got a little restless yesterday, but got inspired from APOD and a friend’s facebook post

Jumbo Space Prawn Nebula

I was perusing APOD, and there were some dandy images of nebulae. I picked this one as inspiration, and came up with this:

digital painting of fantasy nebula
Jumbo Space Prawn Nebula

Procreate on the iPad. I played a bit with liquify, but finally ended up using the oriental brush and smudging. The stars are on a separate layer, using the “driven snow” element brush, which is kinda cool. I had tried a few others, but that one worked a treat.

  1. bottom layer filled with black
  2. nebula layer painted with dark purple, medium purple, magenta, red, yellow, green, and white.
  3. top layer spray of “driven snow” brush, white colour.

Source: NGC 3572 and the Southern Tadpoles,Image Credit & Copyright: Josep Drudis

Joe’s Office

Good friend Joe Decker on Facebook is an extraordinary nature photographer and posted a fantastic sunset image he called his office. Again, I was inspired, and decided to have a go at making a sunset in Procreate.

sunset digital painting
Joe’s Office

This has several layers, which makes doing certain things a lot easier than with regular watercolours.

Here again, for the major cloud structures I used the oriental brush, and smudging.

The hills and foreground are done with a flat painting brush, with the opacity turned down a bit.

The lowest layer was a fill with a bluish-grey sampled from Joe’s image, then building up:

  1. base sky colour, bluish-grey
  2. darker cloud layer
  3. orange and yellow cloud layer
  4. bright yellow fill layer, with noise applied, and used as a linear burn on the clouds
  5. hills and foreground

1 is bottom, 5 is top

Source: (Limited distribution, sorry) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=905680192506&set=a.558000699996&type=3

Joe’s Office IV

Another couple of attempts later, I got another version I like better. It’s quite different from Joe’s original image, but this one has a more ominous feeling to it as well, instead of the gentle California sunset, this one is full of storms.

Joe’s Office IV

procreate on the ipad, using soft chalk brush