Random iPad sketching and stuff

With the news that the watercolour class is on hiatus, for very good reasons, I’m doing more stuff just with picking up the iPad and going. It’s fun, there’s no setup, no cleanup, no messy fingers…

This could be where I end up spending most of my art energy.

koi fish

one koi

These are in procreate, using a soft charcoal brush


The stork is in Adobe Fresco, using a sumi-e digital brush

Liquify Tools in Procreate

I have a subscription to skillshare.com, which lets me take all sorts of interesting courses. I was digging around for some with procreate, and found this one, by the irrepressible and fun Rich Armstrong (@taptapkaboom on twitter) on using the liquify tools in procreate to create marbling effects. So much fun.

zebra style

zebra style marbling

Moody style

smoky, moody style


like ink on water

A Glorious Mess

like playing with fingerpaints!

abstract liquid flame

abstract liquid flame

liquify stormy sea

liquid stormy sea