Inktober 2019

Hopefully I’ll do better this year than I have in the past

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Day 1: “Ring”

sketch in ink of prompt "ring" from inktober 2019
Inktober 2019 Day 1 “Ring”

Extra-fine Sharpie on Leuchtturm 1917 notebook paper

Day 2: “mindless”

sketch of prompt "mindless" from Inktober 2019 - brain seen fleeing from an empty head
Inktober 2019 day 2 “mindless”

Fountain pen, ink, on Leuchtturm 1917 notebook

Day 3: “bait”

sketch of a goat tied to a post, a T-rex just appearing in the frame, volcano smoking in the background and an incoming meteor
Day 3: “bait”

Micron 0.1 and 0.5 markers on Leuchtturm1917 notebook paper

Day 5: “build”

Day 5: “build”

In procreate pro with Apple pencil on an iPad Pro. Technical Pen brush.

Day 20: “Tread”

Sketch of the famous boot print on the moon for Inktober 2019 day 20 "tread"
Inktober 2019 Day 20: Tread

The most famous tread I can think of.

Sharpie extra-fine on Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook paper