“Garden-variety Packard”

Started this one a couple weeks ago and finished it up today.

I used a very different palette for me:

  • Prussian Blue (Daniel Smith)
  • Cadmium Red (American Journey)
  • Monte Amiata Raw Sienna (Daniel Smith)

Palette Samples

(Add these later)

I made a few swatches, mixing the paints in various ways to see how to make this go.

sketch and underpainting

sketch and underpainting, with masking fluid applied to hold the white

adding the next layers: rust, grill, sky, ground

rusty bits, grill, tires, interior, sky, and ground

more details on car

more details on the car

garden bits

planting the garden

more background stuff

darken the background over the hood a bit

The teacher suggested darkening the background behind the hood of the car, to make it pop out some more. I think this is right. I slipped when painting it in, so the hood line changed a bit. After it dried, I went back and lined the edge of the top right fender with white gouache to give a clean edge again.

I also added the tag “Life’s a trip” in white gouache.





straightened and cropped

image straightened and cropped

inner crop

inner crop

During the interval between classes, the paper had separated from the block, so I had to tape it down for today’s session, which necessitated a slightly smaller crop to get rid of the taped over parts of the paper. This would normally be covered by a mat anyway.


I rather like how this ended up. I don’t recall using a car as the complete subject before. The source for this was originally an image given by the teacher, and then I had to go look up some other ones, so it’s a bit of a composite (sorry, Packard purists!)