New Mini-Palette


Having a nice collection of watercolour tube paints is a welcome addition to the sketching field kit. I got a new Meeden mini-palette and filled with some of the my fav midwest and west-coast paints.



open with direct lighting

samples, pure and mixed

The colours in the palette, from the high yellows down to the blues.

  1. Aureolin, mixed with French Ultramarine (FU), Payne’s Grey (PG), Cobalt Blue (CB), and Cerulean (Cer)
  2. Raw Sienna, mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  3. Quin(acridone) Gold, mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  4. Burnt Umber, mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  5. Burnt Sienna, mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  6. P(ermanent) Alizarin Crimson (PAC), mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  7. P(ermanent) Rose, mixed with FU, PG, CB, & Cer
  8. Cobalt Violet, mixed with Raw Sienna, Aureolin, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose
  9. Cerulean Blue, mixed with Payne’s Grey, Burnt Sienna, Aureolin, P. Rose
  10. Cobalt Blue, mixed with Aureolin, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, P. Rose
  11. French Ultramarine, mixed with Payne’s Grey, Burnt Sienna, Payne’s Grey, P. Rose
  12. Payne’s Grey (PG), mixed with Quin Gold, Burnt Sienna, P. Rose, Aureolin

palette-mixed colours

  1. Payne’s Grey with Quin Gold – “Andy’s Green” after fav local artist Andy Evansen
  2. French Ultramarine with Aureolin
  3. Cobalt Blue with Aureolin
  4. Payne’s Grey with P. Alizarin Crimson
  5. Payne’s Green with P. Rose
  6. French Ultramarine with Burnt Sienna – trying to make a chromatic black. The best I could do mixing in the palette was a pretty nice grey; “Linda’s Grey” after our teacher.The one on the right was put on the paper with heavy pigment in the brush, and very little water, and it took 3 layers.
    • French Ultramarine
    • Burnt Sienna
    • French Ultramarine

    It is still not as lustrous a black as mixing French Ultramarine and Quin Burnt Orange directly, but it will suffice for travelling.