“Peonies on the table” after Gregory Packard

Final, signed and cropped

This past week, I attended the painting class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, starting and finishing a copy of Gregory Packard‘s painting “Peonies on the table” (listing page).

This was a very fun painting to do; it reminded us very much of a Monet for its impressionistic qualities. As we were working in watercolour, the adages “work fast and loose”, “don’t think, paint”, and “get in and get out” were our guides.

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Hello, world, again!

Yes, I have relaunched an art blog. I’m running it on WordPress again, but I’m not providing the hosting this time, I’m using Gandi.Net’s simplehosting service, and the SSL certificate I get with a domain purchased from them.

This will probably be slow to grow, it takes a while to back fill all the posts and things from the previous incarnations. I don’t know how much that will happen, other than images. I’ve lost a lot of commentary along the way, especially from the previous WP incarnation, even though there were backups.

Hoping I can keep it going this time! Wish me luck!