[WIP] Manitowoc Beach in June

This week, March 24, 2021, we started a new project in class. The source photo is from our teacher’s own collection, taken on a beach around Manitowoc of Lake Michigan. Follow along at the entry at https://www.notion.so/tamouse/Manitowoc-Beach-in-June-34dc565aab2d4bac83e76e1ee2d1f14b.

“Woodcarver’s Barn”

Woodcarver's Barn Project, watercolour on Arches aquarelle 140 pound cold press watercolour paper, in a 9x12 block.

We started a new painting class project in February. It’s a picture our teacher took while touring around near La Crescent / La Cross. The actual blog post is at https://www.notion.so/Woodcarver-s-Barn-ef644546068e41c5887a0256908c1a18

Wisconsin Sundown

watercolor painting of wisconsin sundown photo by Dave Hoefler

Doing things a little differently this time. Instead of writing my blog post here, I wrote it using Notion.so.

Digital Painting, January 3, 2021

Mountain Home in Winter

For the new year, I am trying to do some art making every day. Today I wanted to work on some watercolours, but my hands were so cold, I couldn’t hold a brush very effectively. Instead, I went to the iPad, and was able to do stuff under the covers.

Nova Scotia Maritime

Nova Scotia Maritime, final, signed, without mat

Painting a maritime scene from a photo taken in Nova Scotia. In this class project, we learned how to take a photograph and arrange and compose it to make a better painting.